By the Numbers

The previous 5 days have been busy ones. Take a look.

Hours spent in the car: 15

Phone calls received during live TV pledge: 14

Tastes received in the kitchen of Le Jeune Chef: 5

Bowls of chocolate soup eaten: 1

Pumpkin spice lattes consumed: 3

Lattes spilled onto pants: 1

Homebrews bottled: 60 (thanks to Nick, Anna, and Ryan!)

Average age of patrons at The Horse You Came In On in Baltimore: 50

Oktoberfest beers sampled with my best friend: 4

Texts received from Nick while he was celebrating his cousin’s 21st birthday: 6

Pacifiers purchased as baby shower gifts: 4

Oohs and aahs over sweet onesies and footies: 30

Congratulations given to newly pregnant friend: 1 (which makes 4 this month)

Towns visited in Northern Virginia: 4

Wins for Nick’s alma mater, JMU: 1

Wins for Emily’s alma mater, Penn State: 0

Days until we leave for Germany: 10!

10 thoughts on “By the Numbers

      1. It’s not silly at all! I’ve never been able to do that before a trip (usually scrambling my way out of town). But I have taken a day off after returning from vacation – if life were a business it would be a “best practice” for sure.

  1. LOVE the last number! I cannot wait to have you here and spend time with this busy lady and hopefully help you to relax a little. BTW: Last minute “travel info” is in the mail and if you don’t manage to send me another email, we will just hook up with you at your hotel! And I wish we had Pumpkin spice lattes over here… Can’t have everything. See you soon! (I just ahve to keep typing it, as long as I can!)

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