Dear Canada

Dear Canada,

We thank you for your hospitality.

For leading us along the cobblestone streets of Quebec City and into its quaint bistros and boutiques.

For forgiving our feeble French accents when ordering crevettes and croissants and crepes.

For providing pints of your microbrasseries: blondes, rousses, and lagers au miel (with honey).

For offering relief from the sweltering sun along the St. Lawrence River.

For sharing with us a spectacular natural wonder.

And for introducing us to a quintessential British village just five hours north of our Pennsylvania home.

Jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons. (Until we meet again.)

Emily and Nick

Stay tuned for a full road trip recap and many, many more photos!

3 thoughts on “Dear Canada

  1. Love this post. Dad and I need to visit the British Village for Fish-n-Chips. Haha!!
    Anxiously waiting for the full recap.

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