A Milestone

Congratulations to the final family member to join the Dover High graduate club!

Dad received his diploma in 1973 and Mom in 1974. I walked across the stage in 2000 and Andrew in 2002. And eight years later Laura turned her tassel!

Laura was ecstatic to have both of her siblings home for the big event, including our brother straight from British soil! (Unfortunately, Nick was not able to take off work, so he joined us later for the Saturday celebration.)

The Thursday evening ceremony was short and sweet, and we were all thankful to be inside an air conditioned auditorium. (Though, admittedly, I missed the intimacy and sentimentality of the high school football field.)

I then served as Laura’s personal photographer and snapped lots of pictures of her and her friends — trying my best to trick my camera into thinking the auditorium was filled with natural light.

And, of course, a photo with the proud parents …

… and supportive siblings.

Following the festivities, we returned home for finger sandwiches and pies with our grandparents. (Who else is fortunate enough to have grown up within 10 miles of extended family?)

Congratulations, sis! I’m so proud of the smart, artistic, and compassionate woman you have become. I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!

And to demonstrate just how much love and pride I have for my little sister, I spent the next 24 hours in the kitchen with my mom preparing for her party. Details to come!

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