Found Our Flatware

You’ll recall that our wedding registry included Noritake dishes, KitchenAid electrics, and Pampered Chef gadgets. One essential culinary item that was missing from the list was flatware.

We’re both picky about our flatware — for different reasons. Nick likes sturdy prongs on his fork and is particular about the shape of his spoon. I pay attention to aesthetics and ergonomics. I want something that looks pretty on my table and feels comfortable in my hand.

Originally, we had our eyes on the Tuscany set from Crate and Barrel.


Then yesterday I received an email invitation to Macy’s home sale, and so I figured I should check out what flatware they have to offer.

Nick and I both really like the straight edges and stylish details on the Tuscany set, so I searched for something similar. Lo and behold, Lenox Esquire.



Twelve 5-piece place settings and a 5-piece hostess set. 18/10 stainless steel. Edges and accents. With caddy. On sale. Done.

6 thoughts on “Found Our Flatware

  1. I really like that set.. I feel the same way about flatware as you… let me know how you like it! I love the design, but I’m really weird about the heaviness of silverware! 🙂

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