Experienced Movers

Since I met Nick, I’ve helped him move out of student housing in Hershey and into a farmhouse in Hummelstown. Then we moved his belongings from the farmhouse and into my apartment in State College. Three months later he took a job with Eli Lilly and moved to Hoboken.

Today is his final day with Eli Lilly and yet another moving weekend looms upon us. Back to State College and into OUR apartment. I’m not yet sure where we’re going to put his kitchen appliances and picture frames and toolboxes and sweaters. But I’m so excited to finally live under the same roof as my husband!

To reward ourselves for the packing and cleaning we’ve nearly completed, we’re going to Zum Schneider tonight for authentic brats and krauts and biers … and to meet Julie and her fiancĂ©!

8 thoughts on “Experienced Movers

  1. Thanks, all! Our apartment may be full of boxes, bins, and suitcases, but we’re thankful to finally be in the same place.

    Anne, look for a recap soon from our delicious and authentic dinner at Zum Schneider with the lovely Julie and Peter!

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