An Umbrella Tunnel and Our Chariot

After we greeted our last guest, we climbed the stairs and walked through the pool house to the lawn where everyone had gathered. It had started to rain again, and everyone had their umbrellas — everyone but the newlyweds!



{Photo Credits to Guest}

There were lots of hoots and hollers as we walked by our family and friends, and I didn’t hesitate dragging my dress through the mud. As we reached the bridesmaids and groomsmen, they popped open their red and tan umbrellas and waved them above us, forming the most fantastic tunnel. Again, it was a moment we couldn’t have planned, and it was one we won’t forget.


{Photo Credit to Guest}

Here is my most favorite photo of the day. The smiles on our faces reveal our pure happiness. (And Nick is pumping his fist!)


{Photo Credit to Robert Winton}

Then we climbed into our horse drawn carriage. I felt like a princess in a chariot. With my Prince Charming, of course.


Our guests wanted to see a kiss, so we happily obliged. (I love this photo because you can see the raindrops. My grandmother said it was like diamonds falling from the sky.)


{Photo Credits to Robert Winton}

{The “Just Married” sign was a last minute DIY project. Simple and classy!}

The carriage whisked us away for a wet and bumpy ride. We looked at each other, and it hit us. We were married! There were tears and kisses and squeezes. We cherished the moment alone before returning to celebrate.

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