Happy Birthday to a Sweet Little Lady

Nick and I have just one friend couple with a baby. In fact, most of our friends are not yet married. (Which means there may be many weddings in our future, and that is more than fine by me!)

This friend couple just celebrated their sweet daughter’s first birthday, and we were so excited to attend the party last weekend. Dave brewed beer for the occasion, and Quinn prepared a lunchtime feast. The cake had raspberry filling and was topped with a ladybug.


Kennedy is an absolute sweetheart. She’s tiny and smiley and pure girl.


She wasn’t sure how to react when they set the “smash cake” in front of her. She daintily touched the icing and hesitantly put it in her mouth. That is until Dave grabbed her hands and thrust them into the cake.


At first Kennedy looked like she might cry, and she shook her head “no.” But then she started to squeeze the icing between her little fingers and giggled with delight.


Happy birthday, Miss Kennedy! And thank you, Quinn and Dave, for inviting us to be part of the celebration.

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