'Tis the Life

I’ve gotten quite good at packing, unpacking, and repacking. I haven’t spent a weekend in State College since Homecoming (six weeks ago!). My apartment is cluttered with piles of bridal magazines and clean laundry. There are sticky note reminders and a stack of “congratulations on your engagement” cards. And my refrigerator is bare, which is very unusual.

‘Tis the life of the newly engaged woman whose fiancĂ© lives in a different state and whose wedding is being planned two hours east of here.

And now I am off to New Jersey for Thanksgiving festivities. Next weekend is dress shopping (!!!) in York and meetings with photographers. The following weekend it’s back to Hoboken for holiday fun with friends. At this rate, I won’t have a free weekend until 2009. But don’t get me wrong — I’m enjoying every minute of this life!

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