A Spring Walk

The smell of dogwood and fresh mulch. Dandelions and daffodils. Gardeners with dirty knees. Fresh basil and rosemary. Joggers with dogs on leashes. Asparagus, artichokes, and arugula. Worms in the cracks of sidewalks. Sun peaking from behind clouds. Lawn mowers and charcoal grills in the evening. Watering cans and hoses. Manicured yards. Bees buzzing around new blossoms. Green colors and green attitudes. Sweet-smelling blades of grass. Window washers and street cleaners. Picnic tables under the shade of trees. Fruit smoothies. April showers. Hummingbirds. Lavender-scented laundry. Flirty and feminine dresses. Soft, warm breezes. Cucumbers and melons. Morning dew. Weddings under white canopies. Hydrangea and wisteria climbing trellises. Chirping birds and honking geese. Open windows allowing light to reach indoor herb gardens. The smell of damp soil and cement after a heavy rain.

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