May Catch Up

Since we moved in with my parents, we have been busy busy busy! We fill our days with mini road trips and family visits and lots of fun activities for the kiddos.


We stop by our favorite park at least once a week. Nora has mastered the slides, and Sam always manages to jump into a game of “good guys vs. bad guys” or “tag, you’re it.” Nora loves the teeter-totter, and Sam has feared the tire swing ever since a big kid spun him in circles, and I couldn’t save him fast enough. He now avoids it like the plague.


We spend a lot of time at Auntie Laura’s new house. Sam has claimed one of the extra large closets as his room (though we have yet to do an official sleepover), and Nora treats the snack pantry like her own. And almost every visit includes a stop at the dairy farm down the street.


We celebrated Andrew’s and Emma’s engagement with a family cookout, gin and tonics, and a backyard bonfire — a few of their favorite things. Then we said farewell to the happy couple before their big move to Denver.



We took a family field trip to Gettysburg during one of Nick’s weekends with us. We found our relative’s name on the Pennsylvania memorial; we visited Little Round Top and Devil’s Den; and we chased the kids all over the rocks and boulders.


Chrissy and Reese met us in Hershey for a trip to Chocolate World and plenty of playtime. Nora was mesmerized by the chocolate ride, especially the singing cows, and Sam and Reese loved the chocolate art studio. Miss these two so much!




We celebrated Opa’s birthday in Williamsburg with goofy faces and gourmet cupcakes. It was the first time in over a decade that all four kids were together for his birthday!



We took a quick trip to Colonial Williamsburg during our visit.



And finally got to watch our nephew, Sean, play soccer. Sam was in absolute awe of his big cousin!


Then we kissed the kids goodbye and headed to Mexico to celebrate surviving three years of MBA school. The kids had as much fun as we did!


The next weekend I flew to Massachusetts to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my girlfriend’s first baby. Work schedules and family obligations and distance have prevented us from seeing more of each other. We really need to change that!


Finally, we traveled to Philadelphia to see some of our favorites before they become a family of four. As always, they spoiled us with exceptional home brews and home cooking. The boys attempted to have their first sleepover, which ended with the two mommas separating them after almost two hours so that they could actually fall asleep.


Such a fun month!

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