April Catch Up

Continuing to catch up on the happenings in the Wiley home …


We crammed a ton of fun into the first half of April. We kicked it off at Rizzo’s where we had lunch with the Flanders and the Easter Bunny. Nora liked him as much as she liked Santa Claus.


We hosted Easter Sunday at our house, and it turned out to be a beautiful spring day. So unseasonably warm, in fact, that the chocolate candy in the plastic eggs had melted by the time the kids got outside to hunt for them.



Nora was exhausted when we finally attempted a family photo. We didn’t get a single snapshot that Sam wasn’t sticking out his tongue. And Lucy only wanted to run around the yard in search of more eggs to chew. #RealLife


We took the incline to Mount Washington for our favorite view of Pittsburgh. Although we still haven’t been to the top on a day when the temperatures are above 55 degrees.


We spent a Monday at the Science Center with Chrissy and Reese. And it was the first time that Nora could actually participate. She especially loved the water table.



Finally, we enjoyed a rare night out with conversation (and cocktails) that weren’t interrupted by diaper changes and requests for more applesauce and the need to intervene when kids start to fight over LEGOs and crayons.


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