Letter to Samuel: 3.5

Dear Sam,

Today you are 3.5! While Nora napped this afternoon, we played “minjas.” We put up the hoods on our sweatshirts, placed plastic tools in our back pockets, and chased imaginary bad guys around the house. We hid behind the dining room curtains, did somersaults and spins across the living room floor, and “activated” our super powers. Then you requested a strawberry yogurt snack, which you scooped and stirred and layered yourself. Later we did crafts with friends at Chick-fil-A and ran around a local playground until the sun set. You splashed in the bath tub with Nora, danced circles around her room, and finally climbed into bed beside me for two books and two songs before, finally, drifting into dreamland. Oh, Sam, life with you is non-stop.


You have grown so much since your third birthday. And not just size wise (though you are 2 inches taller and probably a few pounds heavier). You are fully potty-trained (thanks to sticker charts, superhero undies, the Potty Time Power book, a very catchy tune from Daniel Tiger, and lots of patience). You are excelling in preschool — recognizing letters and numbers; learning how to be a good listener and a good friend; painting a new masterpiece every day. You have mostly phased out naps, though you will sometimes pass out on the couch at 4:30pm.

You request to wear Daddy’s deodorant and spend about five minutes every night styling your hair with my brush. You can button your shirts and zip your jacket and almost always get the right shoe on the right foot. And you are incredibly opinionated about your clothing. You wear “comfy” pants and either an Under Armour or superhero shirt every single day.

You still love to “battle” with your superheroes and super villains. You also love your kinetic sand and will sometimes spend almost an hour driving your matchbox cars along the roads you construct. Other favorite toys include LEGOs, magnetic blocks, and your cash register. And we have to play either hide-and-seek, freeze tag, or duck duck goose every day. You are so competitive and are almost always the fastest kid when we race with friends at the rec center. Current favorite TV shows are Wild Kratts and Miles from Tomorrowland, and we have watched Big Hero 6 at least six times — always with popcorn and gummies. “Shake it Off” is your favorite song, and you have some impressive moves for a 3 1/2-year-old.

You are an amazing little sous chef and always request to help me in the kitchen. Your favorite things to prepare are pancakes (you especially love to crack the eggs), guacamole, and larabars. And you even offer to wash the dishes when we’re finished!

You helped Daddy to shovel many, many times this winter. And you are always ready with your tools when he has a project to do.

Nobody makes Nora laugh like you do, and it makes me incredibly happy to see the two of you play together. There are obviously still sibling arguments, but you are usually such a sweet and protective big brother.

Sam, I am so proud of the big boy you are becoming. But I still cherish those moments when you ask me to carry you, then wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist. I savor every “I love you,” especially the ones that are completely unprompted. You’re the best, kid!

Love, Momma

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