Letter to Nora: 11 Months

Dear Nora,

You are 11 months old today! Though I’ve started to say “almost one” when someone asks your age. Almost ONE? Really? How did that happen?

Every day with you is more fun that the last. You are playful, and a little bit mischievous. You are sensitive, and a little bit sassy. You are sweet, and a little bit stubborn.


You can now follow simple directions, like “give it to Daddy,” or “put it in the basket.” You drive Sam’s cars around the living room and make “vroom, vroom” sounds. You love the tunnel and the tent and Sam’s Thomas the Train chair. You would climb the stairs, if we let you. And you are constantly getting stuck behind and under furniture. You comb your hair and try to put on hats and shoes. You drink water from a real cup like it’s no big deal. And you love the animal magnets on our refrigerator.

And you can now cruise around the house with your push toys! You get frustrated when you run into a doorway or the end of the island, and sometimes you get going a little too fast across the kitchen tiles, but you are so proud of this new trick. You have even taken a few wobbly, barely assisted steps between us, while Sam cheers and says “go, Baby Nora, go!”


You play more intentionally now with Sam and Lucy. And I love to watch the three of you chase each other around the house. Sometimes if Sam is coming after you, you laugh and race to get to me. Although you can also be quite dramatic if Sam doesn’t follow your “rules.” You wrap your arms around him and yell and try to tackle him to the ground. I envision sibling wrestling matches in our future.

You clearly understand the word “no,” though you like to test your boundaries. You unravel toilet paper and shred tissues (which has made potty training your big brother much more challenging). You like to empty the contents of our cabinets, and it’s impossible to keep you away from Lucy’s water bowl. We haven’t yet set up our Christmas tree, but I suspect we’ll have to put a gate around it when we do.

Speaking of Christmas, we visited Santa twice so far, and both experiences were pretty traumatic for you. Of course, that didn’t stop your momma from snapping photos while Sam ignored your screams and chatted with the big guy about his never ending list. Third time is a charm? Maybe?


We finished our first semester of Music Together class and signed up for another semester after the holidays. It has been so much fun to watch you develop an interest in music. By the final class, you would climb into my lap, clap your hands, pat your knees, and touch your head along with the songs. And at home, you love our family dance parties!


You have become a bit picky at meal time, much to your mother’s dismay. You throw food onto the floor if you don’t want it (broccoli, cucumbers, raspberries) and scream for more of the food you do want (toast with hummus, mandarin oranges, pears). And one night you refused to eat anything but graham crackers.

I still nurse you three times per day, and you take two one-hour naps, sometimes just a long one in the afternoon if we’re out and about all morning. I love that you are so flexible, though you definitely sleep best in your own bed. And when you’re ready to get up, you let me know by throwing your binkies onto the floor and yelling “ma-ma-ma-ma.” Although sometimes Sam gets to you first and quickly climbs into bed with you. Then the two of you jump and giggle until I come into the room


You are growing up so fast, little lady! But it’s in those final few minutes before bedtime that you still feel like my baby girl. I rock you and quietly sing songs while you hum along. Then I kiss your forehead before I lay you down. I love you, oh so much, sweet Nora Kathryn!


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