Letter to Nora: Seven Months

Dear Nora Kathryn,

Seven months is tons of fun! You have grown and matured so much this month. Sometimes I feel sad that you are no longer my cozy, cuddly, cooing infant, but I love watching you explore the world around you.


You are still very calm, content, and easy-going. Though you have become more confident and more vocal this month. You are now quite comfortable taking toys from Sam, and you yell at him if he’s too close. Which, let’s face it, is all the time. He may roar like a dinosaur in your face and try to bounce you out of the jumperoo, but he adores you. He loves to hug you and hold you, and I don’t think there exists a photo of the two of you that he’s not holding your hand.


You have discovered a few new sounds this month. You say mamamama, which melts my heart, even if it’s not necessarily directed at me. Sometimes you pant and wheeze like an old man, which is hilarious. And you love to scream, mainly at mealtime. Also, nobody makes you laugh like Sam, especially when he dances circles around you.


Your bright, blue eyes still stop strangers and guarantee compliments. Sometimes you are bashful and bury your face in my neck, but you typically flash a big smile in their direction.

You have started to reach for me if you want to be held. You tug on my shirt and pat my arm and give me high fives or hold my hand while I’m nursing you, and it’s pretty much the most awesome thing ever.


You are now strong enough to sit on your own for long periods of time. And your ability to play independently is amazing! You need very little interaction or stimulation and easily find things to entertain yourself. Favorites include egg shakers, anything that lights up or makes noise when you bang it, the Little People Zoo, and, of course, Sam’s cars and trucks. You will sit in your pack ‘n’ play with a pile of toys for up to 20 minutes, which has made meal prep and picking up the house much easier to do! Now if only I could get your brother to remain quiet for that long.


Now that you are able to sit on your own, you are more comfortable using the toddler side of your bathtub. And you love when Sam joins you for bathtime! You play with cups and kick your feet and laugh at his antics. You have also enjoyed our neighbor’s swimming pool several times this month.


Things have drastically improved in the sleep department. In fact, you have slept through the night at least five times this month! I suspect that you could permanently phase out the 4am feeding, if I let you, but it’s honestly the best nursing session we have all day. There are no distractions, no noises, no big brother trying to squeeze into the chair beside us, and so I will continue to tip-toe into your room and feed you and snuggle with you as long as you let me.

Naps gave also become longer and more predictable. If we’re home, you will nap for about an hour in the morning and almost two hours in the afternoon. You have always been a back sleeper until about a week ago when I peeked at the monitor and found you laying on your belly with your little booty in the air. This was Sam’s favorite sleep position, and I had forgotten how darn cute it is!

You have mostly dropped your short evening nap, unless we’re in the car or on a long walk. This means you are ready for bed by 7:30pm. And you wake up with a smile by 8:30am every morning.


You love, love, love to eat. I now give you three solid meals per day, and you get so excited when I put you in the highchair. You often squeal and bang the tray until I fill it with food. Favorites include cheese, watermelon, peaches, avocado, sweet potato fries, rotini pasta, and banana muffins. You’ve become very good at picking up the pieces and getting them into your mouth. Though Lucy wishes you still dropped crumbs on the floor for her!

I continue to nurse you 4-5 times per day. Though for about a week this month, you decided it would be fun to bite me while breastfeeding. It was awful! And we both ended up in tears several times. But we stuck with it and, fortunately, you outgrew that silly phase.

You have also outgrown the nursing for comfort stage, which makes momma just a tiny bit sad. I know I should be grateful that you have mastered the art of self-soothing, but I sometimes miss the days when you would fall asleep while snuggled against my chest.

Stop growing up so fast, little lady!


Everyone still thinks you look a lot like your Daddy. But you have my eyes and my nose. We’ve also spotted a few more rolls in those sweet legs. I suspect you’ve gained more weight this month than previous months, thanks to that healthy appetite of yours!



Nora, we love you to the moon and back!



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  1. She is growing so fast. Just love getting these updates. She is a mini Sam in her own girly way. Love all her pictures. Those eyes do get ya every time.

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