Tuesday Things

Another Tuesday, another list. And, most likely, lots of photos of the little guy. We might as well start with one, right?

1. Sam had his six-month check-up yesterday. He weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces (10th percentile) and measured almost 26 inches long (25th percentile). Still our little Peanut!

2. Sam’s size has nothing to do with the amount of food that he eats. He nurses as many as six times each day and is up to three meals of solids. Breakfast is typically a waffle or a muffin with fruit. Lunch is a mix of vegetables like cucumber spears, roasted wedges of sweet potatoes, or steamed broccoli. And we give him portions of what we eat for dinner. Messiest meal yet? Lasagna.

3. Sam has gotten the hang of feeding himself, though there have been at least two memorable gagging incidents. The first was with a steamed carrot and the second was with a roasted apple. Both times I played paranoid mommy and swooped in to swipe out the culprit. And both times Sam got very, very angry that I removed food from his mouth. I’ve since learned to let him deal with bites that may be too big, which he typically just spits out. Of course, I also now err on the side of soft when preparing his food. (Note: The Essential Guide to Baby-Led Weaning does a very good job explaining the difference between gagging and choking. Gagging is actually a very normal part of the learning to eat process.)

4. While we’re learning to adapt our dinners to suit Sam, we haven’t been quite as adventurous with our cooking. Though I do have a few recipes I need to share soon: quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, spinach, and cranberries; crock pot chicken tikka masala; and granola bars with dried cherries and dark chocolate chips.

5. Nick’s coconut porter was ready to sample last week, and it comes in a very close second to the pumpkin ale that he made last fall.

6. I’m already starting to crave summer strawberries, sweet corn, and heirloom tomatoes. And it’s only April.

7. Now this next “thing” warrants an acknowledgement. Yes, I’m aware that every parent believes their kid is a genius. But I still have to say it … my kid is a genius. When we take walks, Sam follows the birds flying across the sky. And he can pick out a sliver of the moon before dusk. During bath time, he anticipates the part of Nick’s bath song when he quacks and looks in the direction of the duck. He pulls the blanket from his face while playing peek-a-boo. And he knows that his hat goes on his head. Gosh, I love seeing the world through his eyes.

8. Finally. Big things are on the horizon. Which give me butterflies and make my heart so happy. Details to come.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Sam is so cute! Coconut porter is one of my favorites- it reminds me of Hawaii! Good luck with the exciting things on the horizon, looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Your little peanut is still bigger than mine was at that age! Nothing wrong with skinny babies 🙂 Also, your photos are so lovely!

  3. Umm 1 – need details now 🙂 I’m so impatient! lol

    And your little Peanut is just like our little Peanut—TINY but an eater and then some!

  4. He is so cute! Scarlett is a chunker compared to Sammy! 🙂 Makes lifting her in the car seat a workout. We have those same breathable bumpers. Please tell me it took you a while to figure out how the excess wraps around the crib. We had to you tube it 3 times before we finally figured it out!

  5. i always pictured myself whipping up gourmet purees for my little guy, but i’ve been thinking more and more lately about blw. admittedly my only exposure to it is from you and a few other bloggers, but i’m intrigued enough now to start researching more! any initial thoughts/advice?

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