Thursday Things

1. Our sweet Samuel is still a little Peanut! At his four-month doctor’s visit this week, he weighed 13 pounds 3 ounces and measured 24.8 inches. That puts him in the 20th percentile for weight and the 40th percentile for height. Also, his head measured in the 10th percentile. But its size certainly does not relate to the developmental milestones he’s achieving. He’s rolling over in both directions, reaching for and holding onto toys, and regularly participating in family conversations.

2. About that rolling over milestone? Well, we couldn’t keep our roly poly little man on his back last week. This made naps challenging. And diaper changes. But the novelty of it must have worn off because he’s back to being content on his back.

3. Naptime is still challenging, though. Sam still can’t seem to sleep past the 30-minute mark — especially while in his crib. So I let him fuss for about 10 minutes and then pick him up so he can finish sleeping in my arms. This is not at all ideal, but I’m hoping it’s just a phase. Anyone have any experience with sleep training during naps?

4. Speaking of sleep training, we’re going to give it a go next week. Sam is consistently sleeping from 8pm until 7am, but he wakes between three and five times each night. He usually settles down pretty quickly after I re-insert the pacifier, but I know we need to break him of this habit.

5. One more Sam “thing” before I move on. The doctor gave us the go-ahead to start solids, and we are so excited. Our doctor is pretty progressive, and I plan to dedicate a full post to our plans. Let’s just say that almost anything is worth trying, and I will continue to nurse him at least five times each day. More to come.

6. I am ridiculously excited about the Hobby Lobby that recently opened in Altoona. Sam and I spent almost an hour there yesterday. But, surprisingly, I only left with one item: a blue wicker Easter basket for baby boy. Oh, if only I could find time to craft …

7. Perhaps now that I finally finished the Blurb book of our pregnancy posts, I will actually have time to craft. But I’m also only about 25% finished with our Canada scrapbook, and I haven’t even started our Germany scrapbook. And I should soon think about starting a photo book for Sam’s first year. So many projects, and so little time.

8. I bought Dove chocolate hearts to make these Valentine’s Day treats. But I may have to buy another bag because I can’t stop eating them.

9. Also, I figured it was finally time to try the famous chocolate chip cookies recipe from the New York Times. The dough is supposed to chill for at least 24 hours, but Nick and I couldn’t help but sample two cookies each last night. They were so good, and I bet they’ll be even better tonight. *Note to self: It is not wise to eat two large chocolate chip cookies at 9:30pm. You will be awake until 1:30am, and you will still have to get out of bed to check on your son four times before 6:30am.

10. We’re off to Pittsburgh tomorrow! We’re staying here and eating here. We’re visiting family and the university that Nick hopes to attend this fall. Looking forward to a fun weekend away!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Tell me more about this Blurb book! Were you able to easily transfer blog posts into a book format? I’d love to do this for my pregnancy posts, too.

    1. I love Blurb! I use the BookSmart book editing tool, but I believe there’s also a feature that allows you to merge your blog directly into a book. I didn’t use it this time because I wanted to add special design elements. I’ll share a preview of the book when I have it in hand!

  2. Samuel is too cute! A friend brought those NY Times cookies to work and they were amazing. I still need to bake them myself. My husband and I are going to Germany this summer, so I will have to check out your posts for ideas!

  3. I’m excited to read your post about your solid food plans for Samuel since I will be starting my little guy on solids once we get our doc’s ok.

  4. @ Emily: I absolutely LOVE Dove chocolate hearts. Sadly, we don’t have them over here, but I can absolutely relate!
    @ Nick: Yay for going back to school!!! How exciting. Cannot wait to hear more.

  5. I love that photo of Sam! Such a cutie.

    I’m off to check out these cookies. I’ve been complaining to my husband that we NEVER have cookies around. (there’s probably a great reason for that)

  6. Our little man did the same thing with rolling over. He also naps for exactly 30 min. at a time. I can not get him to nap longer…even if I am holding him. If you find a solution to this…please let me know! 🙂

  7. I am not going to have an answer you particularly like, but with us? Robby did 45 minute naps and woke up 2-4 times a night until about 7 months and then BAM. Resolved it himself. I have no clue how. I’m not questioning it. Now? 2 hr naps and sleeping through the night. So, my answer is age. Although…not that we ever did “cry it out” but I certainly got slower in my response time.

    1. That’s what we’re working with right now. My response time has gotten slower, and I think he’ll gradually get better. Like you said, though, I do think it has a lot to do with age. I’m OK with that, but, oh, I cannot wait until his naps get longer so I can actually get something done during the day! Ha.

  8. Good luck with the sleep training – let me know how it goes. If you guys are keeping the paci, I recommend to keep reinserting it (as long as it goes with the intervals or whatever you’re doing). by 5 months he’ll learn how to replace it himself!

  9. #4 with the waking for a paci? Yep, that was my son. He actually didn’t need to nurse anymore because I tried. He literally just wanted that paci! I would look at the monitor and WILL him to pick up that darn paci, but he wouldn’t. 🙂 My husband and I still occasionally have to reinsert the paci maybe once a night and our son will be 9 months old next week. He can do it himself… just won’t!

    Oh and I did a pregnancy book on LOVE that site. I also did my wedding guest book and my sister’s wedding guest book. That site is the best thing ever and I’m even a graphic designer! 🙂

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