Little Man

We met a special little man last weekend. Our friends Brian and Carrie welcomed Aiden into the world in December. He’s the first baby born into Nick’s group of friends (and is also the first grandchild on both sides), and so he enjoys an incredible amount of (well-deserved) love and attention.

Brian and Carrie and Aiden live in North Carolina, but the gang convened at Lake Anna in Virginia for a fun-filled two days.

We snuggled with the baby boy …

… entertained ourselves for six consecutive hours with Kinect and battled to “Soulja Boy,” “Poison,” and “Rump Shaker” …

… played with furry friends …

… and stuffed ourselves with delicious Southern food prepared by Carrie’s Louisiana-born parents — from buttermilk biscuits with pecan syrup to spicy crawfish pie to jambalaya.

Nick and the other guys even took the opportunity to learn about pack ‘n plays and tummy time and how to wear a BabyBjörn — you know, for future reference.

8 thoughts on “Little Man

  1. Those dancing games will kill you! I got the Michael Jackson the Experience for the Wii and it was so fun that I played it for hours. The next morning I woke up and could not move I was so sore. Yikes!

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