I Miss

Grüß Gott, friends! Deutschland was nothing short of lovely. Despite the cold and rainy weather, I am in love with Bavaria. I already miss: the rich history and romantic architecture; the sound of cow bells at the foot of the Alps; brezen and hefeweizens; local maibaums. The list goes on.

But I am happy to return to American coffee, college football, my electric toothbrush, and NPR.

Get ready — recaps start tonight!

5 thoughts on “I Miss

  1. Be sure that you are missed over here, too! Thank you for spending some time with us. We are very much looking forward to reading about the parts of your trip, we did not share!

  2. Hi Emily!

    It’s been fun looking through your visit to Germany (and all the delicious looking recipes!). I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog! I have to comment on what you miss because one of the reasons Russ and I can survive here for an extended period of time is because of our iphones—and the NPR app! 🙂


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