Bridal Shower – The Games and Gifts

Looking for a unique bridal shower theme? Well, I have one for you … Around the Clock! My fabulous shower used the same theme from my mother’s shower 30 years ago. Each invitation included an assigned time (yes many, many craft paper clocks were cut and assembled), and each guest was asked to bring a gift that Nick and I can use during that time.

And here are some of the unique gift ideas the ladies came up with:

  • Morning hours: waffle maker and pancake molds, baking tins and a cookbook for coffee cakes and muffins, teapot and tea bags, robe, bath towels
  • Afternoon hours: lemonade pitcher and glasses, salad spinner, wooden salad bowl set, apple peeler/corer/slicer
  • Evening hours: serving bowls and platters, bed sheets, down comforter, candles, and of course lingerie (fortunately everything was very tasteful and quite beautiful!)

Absolutely lovely hand painted pitcher and glasses from my sister/Maid of Honor Laura. It’s nice to have an artist in the family!

Can’t wait to display this in my future home.

Wrapping paper matches my dress!

Please pay special attention to the incredible ribbon bouquet made by soon-to-be sister, Kirsten! She could really go into business.

The bridesmaids also came up with a few fun games to play during the shower. There was the “how well do you know Emily and Nick” quiz (won by Aunt Vicki with 7/10), the infamous “don’t say the word ‘wedding’ or you lose your bracelet” game, and a fun poem read by Quinn with related gifts. (Example: Your big Brawny guy isn’t necessarily Mr. Clean …)

Next Up: The Ladies

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