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I’m so excited to have been selected to blog for a national wedding website! Here’s a snippet of the email I received on Saturday morning:

“First of all, we have to say that you two are just adorable! Your email was such a breath of fresh air and we love your writing, your style, and everything you’ve put together for your event so far.”

The other brides-to-be are writing from Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, and upstate New York, to name a few. And I can’t wait to represent lovely central Pennsylvania!

Because I’ll be sharing ALL of the details of our wedding planning process, including some of the surprises we have in store for our guests, I’ve decided not to share the link to the site — just in case anyone actually reads this!

But I will tell everyone where to go to check out our Wedding Day when it’s FEATURED on the site!

This is going to be fun … 🙂

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