Save the Date

It’s official! Our guests have received our save the date magnets — our first DIY wedding project.

Believe it or not, this was the hardest decision to date. We had no trouble choosing our venue, photographer, or caterer, and I fell in love with my dress the moment I saw it. But we went through SEVEN versions of our save the date design. Fortunately we had a patient (and very talented) friend on our side. She let us swap photos and layouts several times before we arrived at this one. And we’re thrilled!

We ordered the magnets via VistaPrint — unbeatable prices and fantastic customer service. And Nick found beautiful thick red envelopes from Envelopemall. (We’ll probably go back to them when it’s time to mail our invitations.) I hand addressed the envelopes, and Nick stuffed and sealed them and attached green “love” stamps. We make a pretty good team!

I can’t wait to start our next craft.

2 thoughts on “Save the Date

  1. These are my favorite types of save the dates. Easy to display, useful, and a daily reminder while I’m grabbing the OJ out of the fridge. Thanks for following on Twitter!

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