Some Favorite Blogs

I think these folks are great at what they do. They share media resources, web design news, recipes, and wedding planning tips. All relevant to my personal and professional interests.

  • Jeffrey Zeldman Presents – I met him at An Event Apart in Seattle in 2007 and think he’s just as brilliant in person as he is online.
  • 43 Folders (Merlin Mann) – I love his philosophy: “Find the time and attention to do your best creative work.” Oh, and he was at IMA in Atlanta. He’s so chill.
  • Simple Bits (Dan Cederholm) – Lots of great tidbits and inspiration for web interfaces.
  • Blog for Change – A great use of online media! This one is a hub for social issues and action.
  • Wired – Where I go for my geeky fix.
  • Good – “For people who give a damn.” A colleague bought me a subscription for Christmas, and I’m hooked.
  • Brooklyn Bride – “Planning a modern wedding in a world of pink flowers and poofy dresses.” I love the unique weddings featured on this blog and have already gotten quite a few good ideas for my own big day.
  • A Practical Wedding – Who doesn’t appreciate budget-friendly wedding planning tips? And lots of great DIY project ideas? Great resource for brides-to-be.
  • Smitten Kitchen – I’m especially inspired by her photography. I try my best to emulate it on my own cooking blog: The Culinary Couple.
  • Ali Edwards – She engages my creative visual storytelling side.
  • Greek Tragedy (Stephanie Klein) – I’ve been following her for awhile and have read both of her books. Quite entertaining! She speaks her mind with no fear of judgment.

I love stumbling across a blog that really engages me. I know there are many more to discover!

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