Lost and Found

Setting: Savannah, GA
Characters: Emily, Nick, and Nick’s entire family (just two days after our first meeting)

Emily to Nick as she takes the camera from around his neck to snap photos in the historic district: “Where’s the lens cap?”

Nick’s response: “I don’t know,” as he nervously checks his pants pockets.

Nick, increasingly more nervous: “I’m not sure where it is.”

Family member #1: “We lost a lens cap.”

Family member #2: “Let’s back track.”

Family member #3: “We’ll find it.”

As the entire family retraces its footsteps back across the Spanish moss and tree-lined street, Emily reaches into her own jacket pocket: “Oh, here it is.”

Emily to Nick, blushing and giggling: “You should have remembered that I put it in my pocket.”

Family member #4 (a brother) to Nick: “Just smile and nod and agree.”

Well, at least the Wileys met the real Emily!

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