Thursday Things

A lot of bloggers do a weekly list post (Tuesday Things from How Sweet It Is, for example), and I can understand why. Lately, it’s been challenging to write a coherent blog post between feeding and entertaining Sam, folding laundry and cleaning the house, and working. Yet there are so many things — both big and small — that I don’t want to forget. So here we go with a list of happenings from this week thus far.

1. Nine weeks postpartum and I’m back in my pre-preggo pants! Hopefully I can still button them after the sweet indulgences that this month is sure to bring.

2. I finished season one of Friday Night Lights. It’s my breastfeeding entertainment of choice, and I am absolutely hooked.

3. Sam was awake at 6am on Tuesday, but instead of crawling back into bed when I put him down again at 7am, I folded laundry, paid bills, and made dinner. A delicious sweet potato and lentil soup simmered in the crockpot and was ready to eat by the time Nick got home from work. We need more crockpot meals in our life.

4. I made a funny face at Sam last night. But instead of smiling, he screamed. I suppose I should leave the silly stuff to Daddy.

5. I joined a local Moms Club, and I’m pretty excited about it. Sam and I went to our first play date this week, and it was so nice to socialize with adults. Sure, much of our conversation revolved around our babies, but I got to put on jeans and jewelry and talk in a big girl voice.

6. This is why we shouldn’t bake brownies. Because we can finish the entire pan in just three days.

7. Sammy tried out his Bumbo seat today. He’s growing up way too fast.

8. Further evidence that our baby boy is growing up way to fast: He’s now wearing fleece vests.

9. I really didn’t intend for this list to be so much about Sam. Oops. But just one more because I can’t resist. Sam has a mullet. I’m usually not fond of such things, but on him, it’s rather endearing.

10. We’re getting our Christmas tree tomorrow! I can’t wait to deck the halls. And I do believe that a certain little peanut will especially enjoy the twinkling lights.

What’s happening in your life this week?

7 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Friday Night Lights is on my post-partum list too. Along with Arrested Development and How I Met Your Mother. My cousin is obsessed with FNL and insists that I watch it. She saved the series finale on her DVR for weeks because she knew once she watched it, it would all be over 🙂

    Yay for pre-preggo pants!

  2. Emily, I truely enjoy the stories and pictures of Sam. He is adorable and so lucky to have 2 loving and caring parents as you and Nick. Keep them coming….

  3. I am always making short little lists or posts because life is just too busy these days. Then I read other full blown posts and become jealous of people who get to stay home and write.

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