Week 26


Best Moment: Spending the weekend in Maryland with my best ladies. Although, admittedly, Peanut and I both missed Nick. In fact, I am fairly certain that Peanut knows his/her Daddy’s voice. The tiny kicks and punches seem to strengthen when he talks to my belly. Even if it’s just over the phone.

Symptoms: Peanut and I had a healthy check-up with the doctor this week. She said our little one is growing right on track, and the heart rate is solidly in the 150s. As for me, I’m up 16 lbs, which she assured me is also right on track. I assume I’m only about halfway into my total weight gain, though, which boggles my mind.

Cravings/Aversions: Hard shell crabs. Thankfully I got my fill in Maryland.

What I Miss: My belly button. Yes, it has slowly started to disappear. It’s not yet an outie, but I believe it’s well on its way. And that tiny scar from the belly button piercing I got right before my freshman year of college? Well, that has started to grow and stretch, too. Peanut, if you’re paying attention (especially if you are a Miss Peanut), please listen to Momma when she advises you not to do such silly things. Even when you turn 18 and think you’re invincible. And don’t even get me started on tattoos. On a brighter note, still no sign of stretch marks. Thank you, belly butter (and my mother for passing along good genes).

What I Can’t Wait For: The third trimester, which begins next week!

Milestones: Peanut is roughly 14 inches this week and weighs almost 2 lbs. That means he/she has about 7 inches and 6 lbs to go!


Best Moment: While Emily was enjoying a girls weekend in Baltimore, I was at home working diligently on my “honey-do” list, which I finished by noon on Saturday! I’m not sure if she didn’t think I could handle a full list, or if I’m just that good, but I got it done early.

Cravings/Aversions: Homemade General Tso’s chicken! It’s dangerously delicious.

What I Can’t Wait For: After a long, quiet weekend at home, I’m looking forward to a little more liveliness around the house. Something tells me, though, that this statement will come back to bite me.

Milestones: Our little cauliflower is weighing in at 2 lbs and has itty bitty 2 inch-long feet.

6 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. You look fantastic! Seriously, I can’t pull off white jeans when I’m not pregnant and you look great in them. Glad to hear the little peanut is doing well!

  2. So cute! My bellybutton never went flat. It just jumped from in to out…and the old piercing scar? It’s pretty much returned to normal, but it was weird for awhile (even after birth) when both sides of the hole were visible. Belly buttons are so entertaining.

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