The Downside to Renting

… is that we can’t yet welcome one of these into our family.

(photo credit Google Images)

We’ve researched breeders in central Pennsylvania and picked a name. Nick has chosen doggie dishes and a collar and watches Cesar Milan every afternoon. But, alas, we’ll have to wait awhile longer to snuggle up with a furkid.

5 thoughts on “The Downside to Renting

  1. Ahhhh! I so get your frustration. When we moved to Dallas we had to not look at so many great rental properties because we had the dogs. Totally stinks. Can’t wait to buy a house of our own. Cute cute puppy though!

  2. I love Berners!!! What’s not to love about them? (Except maybe the drool. 😉 )

    I was disgusted with how hard it was to find a dog-friendly apartment in the city when my husband and I were looking for a place that would take our two Cavaliers. So many places only accept cats. I don’t get it: cats use the bathroom IN THE HOUSE. How is that attractive to a property owner?

    One tip for ya: Disregard anything Cesar Milan says. He’s a crock. Look to the real animal behaviorists for advice. Patricia McConnell is a great trainer.

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