Father's Day Tribute

In the midst of June birthdays and surprises and graduations, I nearly forgot the most significant milestone of the month. And today, Father’s Day, is... Read more

Graduation Party: Menu

Friday morning following Laura’s graduation ceremony, Mom and I got to work on the party menu. We purchased the necessary ingredients and began preparation for:... Read more

A Milestone

Congratulations to the final family member to join the Dover High graduate club! Dad received his diploma in 1973 and Mom in 1974. I walked... Read more

June Birthdays

Tomorrow my mother and I have a special birthday surprise in store for my 18-year-old sister. Hint: It involves chocolate and plush robes. Also, not... Read more

18 Years

Today my little sister turns 18! (Read the letter I wrote on her 17th birthday.) {photo credit Robert Winton} Happy birthday, Laura! I can’t wait... Read more