What I Learned Last Weekend

  • A seven-year-old will ride the Super Dooper Looper only if you promise to buy Rock Band 2 for him.

  • According to a one-and-a-half-year-old, elk and wolves and snakes all say “rawr.”

  • Chocolate tastes better when you buy it in Hershey.
  • The combination of taupe and mauve makes my blue eyes bluer. (I’ll give you proof after the wedding.)
  • A ring bearer does not carry the real rings on his pillow. (Though I think we’re going to pretend like we didn’t hear this one.)
  • Waiting to rent China one month before a wedding will yield a fantastic discount!
  • Formal family portraits are less important to us than journalistic and artistic shots.
  • Etsy is a fabulous resource for customized gifts.

One thought on “What I Learned Last Weekend

  1. Love the ring pillow. Our ring bearer carried the pillow down, but we had a groomsman actually carry the rings. He’s going through a throwing stage, so we thought we shouldn’t risk it!

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