Happiest Feet

Never have I ever seen a pair of feet move like those of Savion Glover. What an incredible performance on Thursday night! He danced to the classics of Bach, Vivaldi, and other noteworthy composers, perfectly performed by a nine-piece string orchestra with occasional accompanient by a pianist, a horn player, and a drummer (a.k.a. Chocolate). Savion glided across the raised wooden stage with grace. His taps were loud and distinct. His upper body followed the lead of his quick feet. It was mesmerizing. A most impressive improvisation. That’s right, no choreography. He responded to the violins and cellos with his own creative interpretations. The final selection, a medley of stars and stripes forever, was the highlight of the evening. He jammed to the sweet sticks of Chocolate, and I’ve never seen an orchestra break it down like this group. I couldn’t help but tap my own feet. But only in my dreams can I keep up with Savion.

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