Why Now?

I’m a writer and a photographer and a web developer. Blogger just seems like an obvious addition to my resume. I’ve fought the urge for some time, but I’m ready to join the masses.

So I haven’t quite reached the ominous quarter-century mark, but 07/07/07 is just 148 days away. Most of my friends have already passed the milestone. What’s the big deal about 25 anyway? For me, it’s the time after college and before marriage. Somewhere in between the frat parties with Natty Light and late night dollar pizza and the cozy home with carrots in the crock pot and chardonnay on the counter. (Actually I prefer red, but carrots go with chicken and chicken goes with white.) Some 25ers I know are married. Some have kids. Others are still playing beer pong and dancing on bars. I’m neither. I can no longer drink alcohol past midnight and feel functional at work the next day. But I’m not knitting afghans and watching oxygen either. Though that doesn’t sound half bad. Add a chocolate martini and turn the channel to the food network and that could be a pretty satisfying evening. See what I mean? It’s a mixed up moment. No longer a crazy college kid, but not yet an established adult.

Stay tuned for quips from this mid-20-something.

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