Holiday Weekend

We were riding a high all week following our fun-filled long holiday weekend. And we leave for Florida in two days, so there’s no need... Read more

To the Zoo

We took Sam to the zoo on Memorial Day. And I admit that we were more excited than he was. At first. The lions and... Read more

Oma + Opa Visit

Every few months, Nick’s parents make the drive north from Alabama to see their littlest grandson. We don’t get to see them nearly enough, and... Read more

Wednesday Randoms

I’m behind on blogging — about Lucy’s introduction to obedience class, Sam’s language development, the new color of our laundry room, and the peanut butter... Read more

Snow Days

Sometimes snow days are the best days. Perfect sledding hills in our own backyard. Snowflakes on puppy noses. Rosy cheeks and tiny mittens. A snowman... Read more