Holiday Gift Guide: Six-Year-Old Boy

Holiday gift guide time! I may not blog much these days, but I love to have a history of our favorite gifts for the kiddos. First up: Sam. ( 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 )

(1) Nintendo Switch Nick convinced me that Sam is ready for his first video game system. We would have loved to start with the Nintendo Classic, but since it’s impossible to find, we went with the Switch. No complaints from Nick! (I may have even bought a game for him to open on Christmas morning). We also got Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart. Definitely an investment, but I know the whole family will enjoy it!

(2) Star Wars Nerf Gun Sam requested a “big” Nerf gun from Santa. Because he’s in need of one that holds more than a single dart. Guaranteed to make our evening battles even more entertaining.

(3) Head Lamp Stocking stuffer! For everything from searching for LEGOs under the bed to future family camping trips.

(4) Star Wars Folded Flyers Sam has already created an entire fleet of paper airplanes, complete with landing gear. And I know he will love this Star Wars version.

(5) Art Case For our budding artist. Since he started kindergarten, I just can’t keep up with the amount of paper he goes through — and art supplies. Time to get rid of broken crayons and dried up markers. (And I plan to get another one for Nora for her birthday in January.)

(6) Tool Kit Because it’s time to graduate from plastic tools. He will love that he has his own set of tools to use for projects with Daddy.

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