Holiday Gift Guide: Three-Year-Old Girl

For our imaginative, artistic, active preschooler who will be three in just a few weeks!

(1) Dollhouse: Nora (and Sam!) play with her Fisher Price dollhouse and princess castles almost every day. So I’ve been considering this upgrade for quite awhile. Then Sam saw an advertisement for one on his Kindle and encouraged Nora to ask for it for Christmas. That sealed the deal! She’s also getting the doll family and professional dolls and SUV to drive them all around.

(2) My Little Sandbox Fairy Garden: Because she loves sand and tiny fairies. (Sam is getting the Builder Box.)

(3) Scooter and Helmet: This is actually Nora’s third birthday gift (which she’ll get just over a week after Christmas.) She’s been trying to ride Sam’s scooter since last summer, and so she will be thrilled to have one of her own to take to the park. (And, yes, we are very, very happy with this model!) I opted for the mini version, best suited for children under 5. And I hope that baby sister will enjoy it as a hand-me-down in a few years when we upgrade Nora to the big kid version.

(4) Roll and Play Game: We love charades and the magic moves wand and any game that gets us up and moving. Looking forward to trying this one out for family game night.

(5) Doctor Dress-Up: No such thing as too many dress-up costumes. Both kids are constantly changing characters.

(6) Jumbo Safari Animals: Sam received the jumbo dinosaurs a few years ago, but they have migrated to Nora’s room (and, surprisingly, Sam doesn’t mind). In fact, Nora often chooses one (usually Rexy or Baby Dinosaur) to sleep with at night. The quality is amazing, and so I know this set will not disappoint. I foresee many safari hunts in our future.

(7) Play Dough Tools: Stocking stuffer!

(8) The Day the Crayons Quit: I can’t believe that we don’t already own this book. A definite necessity for our art-obsessed girl. Also on her wish list: Ladybug Girl several books from the Elephant and Piggy series.



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