Holiday Gift Guide: Five-Year-Old Boy

For our inquisitive and adventurous 5-year-old boy who loves building and exploring and all things Star Wars.

(1) Bow and Arrow: What boy doesn’t want his own bow and arrow? This thing soars over 125 feet, so we may have to reserve archery practice for trips to Nini’s and Poppy’s house. But Sam will be thrilled to find this under the tree on Christmas morning. Also on his list? Nerf guns. And I am so thankful that Santa Claus, himself, reminded Sam that he’s not supposed to point Nerf guns at his sister. Way more effective than if the words had come out of my mouth.

(2) Magna-tiles: We love, love, love our magna-tiles. So we obviously had to add to our set this year. This is really a gift for both big kids.

(3) Bedtime Math: To accompany Math Monday nights with Daddy.

(4) Zingo: The kids get at least one new game every year. And this one got great reviews. He’s also getting Pie Face, purely for its entertainment factor! I expect to play several rounds over the holidays.

(5) Kylo Ren Mask and Lightsaber: Because our boy is still very Star Wars obsessed. We’ll see how Kylo Ren’s light saber holds up in battle against Obi Wan’s.

(6) Safari Vest: Sam is constantly imagining adventures around our house and yard. I can just picture him wearing this vest while hunting for stuffed giraffes, tagging insects for the zoo, and cutting ice blocks.

(7) Metal Detector: Another tool for Sam’s backyard adventures. He is going to love this.

(8) Story Cubes: Grabbed these to go in Sam’s stocking, and I can’t wait to create stories with him. I got sets for a few of Sam’s friends, too.

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