Little Sprouts at Schramm Farms

I love that Sam is approaching the age that he can participate in sports and science camps and organized activities. Yes, he still has a short attention span, but Schramm Farms does an incredible job entertaining and educating kids with their Little Sprouts summer program.

We participated in 4 of the 12 weeks: Trucks and Tractors; Barnyard Friends; Strawberries; and Little Chefs.

Sam got to “drive” the big blue farm tractor and make mud tracks with toy trucks.


He met the cows, goats, and chickens that live on the farm. And then he pretended to be a barnyard animal.


We picked — and ate! — lots of strawberries.


And, finally, we harvested tomatoes and basil from the garden. Then we prepared caprese salad, zoodles, blueberry smoothies, and fruit kebabs.

littlesprouts2We love Schramm Farms!

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