Letter to Samuel: 19 Months

Hey little buddy! Today you are 19 months and 9 days old. You keep Momma so busy that it’s become difficult to find time to write your monthly letters. But I don’t want to forget a single moment. In fact, I would love to hit the pause button and save this age forever.


You have so much personality! And your enthusiasm for life is contagious. From washing your hands to checking the mailbox to watering the flowers, everything is an adventure in your world.


You are constantly babbling and telling stories in your own little language. The “b” sound is still your favorite: ball, banana, bird, binkie, bug (though you say “gub” instead of “bug”). And you have perfected the “m” sound, which means you say “mama” all the time! You also say more and milk. And since I listen to you every day, I have figured out your versions of “Elmo” and “pretzel.” You still say “no” quite a bit, though I am happy that you have also added “yeah” to your vocabulary. I’m anxiously waiting for the day when your communication skills really take off — I know it’s right around the corner!


I do believe you have the best cheese face ever. And, heck, even your cry face is adorable. Though I am happy to report that the tantrums have significantly decreased since last month. You still throw a fit every time I bring you inside. But I can’t blame you with the gorgeous spring we’ve had thus far. In fact, you often squeeze past me when I’m trying to get Lucy inside, and you run right out the door in your jammies or bare feet. You giggle and squeal and get halfway down the sidewalk before I’m able to catch up.


We explore a different park or playground nearly every day. And you still amaze me with your coordination and strength. You can officially scale the rock wall and you always attempt to climb the spider’s web. You have no fear and follow the lead of the bigger kids despite being half their size.

Sometimes we pack a picnic lunch to take to the lake, and sometimes we share our crumbs with the ducks. You have perfected your duck call, and you love to throw rocks into the water.

We also have a million things to keep us busy in our own backyard. I do believe that gardening has replaced dusting as your new favorite chore. You have your own little gardening set that includes a rake and a shovel and a bucket. But, of course, you prefer to use our tools. You also love to wear our gloves. Though Lucy is quick to steal them right off your hands. She is constantly snatching the hat off your head, too.


So far this season, you have helped to pull weeds and plant tulip bulbs and spread mulch. Such a hard worker!


Other favorite outdoor activities include mowing the lawn (and you insist on going up and down the steepest part of the yard), collecting “worms,” playing with your new sand/water table, blowing bubbles, and decorating the driveway with chalk. Needless to say, by the end of the day, you are covered in dirt. And you’ve already skinned your knees at least a half dozen times. Fortunately, Mommy’s kisses always make your boo boos better.


When I do manage to wrangle you inside for an afternoon, I’m likely to find you playing in your kitchen — always with the oven mitt on one hand. One day you managed to fill your sink with water from your sippy cup, and I found you washing your produce. It was a proud moment for this momma!


It’s also exciting to watch you develop an interest in books. You’ve always enjoyed listening to Mommy and Daddy read before bedtime, but you are now content to flip through a book on your own. Current favorites are Little Blue Truck, all Karen Katz lift-the-flap books, and the book I created for you full of family photos.

We’ve also started to devote time every day to flashcards and puzzles. And we work on letters and numbers and animals with the magnets on your chalkboard. You are such a little sponge, and I suspect you will love to learn as much as your parents.


This month we took down the gates to the living room that had previously penned Lucy into the kitchen, which means you have more room to run and ride your giraffe bike. It also means Lucy snuggles on the couch! Yes, she’s still your buddy. And, yes, the two of you still get into a whole lot of trouble together. But I have learned to except the crazy moments because they are often followed by sweet ones.


Every morning before Daddy leaves for work he says: “Take care of your Momma today. You’re the man of the house.” And, Sam, you do just that. You’re concerned if I’m not wearing my slippers, or if I have a full cup of water that I haven’t sipped from. You point out any loose threads on my clothing and adjust my glasses if they’re crooked. I really don’t know what I would do without you, kiddo!

I’m so grateful for you each and every day. I love you, Sam.


5 thoughts on “Letter to Samuel: 19 Months

  1. Aww, skinned knees! He’s such a kid now. Those pictures of him helping with the gardening are fantastic.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Sam and I finally just wanted to comment on how much I love reading your monthly letters to Sam. You’re such a loving mamma and he sounds like such a gorgeous happy little boy. I’m really enjoying watching him grow from all the way here in Sydney Australia. Sam is 4 months and 13 days older than my first born baby girl and it’s so much fun seeing from what Sam’s up to what my bubba will be doing in 4 months time! Hope you’re able to find the time to continue your letters to Sam – not just for us readers but they’re such a lovely record for the three of you 🙂

  3. You ever look at someone else’s posts and wonder how it is that their kids are growing up so fast?! LOVE his cheesy smile…and that he washed his produce – L O L

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