Letter to Samuel: 10 Months

Dear Samuel,

Time is marching forward. Day by day. Month by month. How is it possible that we’re quickly closing in on your first birthday?

You are such a sweet little man, Sam. My love for you swells with your smiles and your neck squeezes, the way you pat my back and rest your head on my shoulder. I hope you are always so gentle and affectionate.

Of course, you are also a curious little boy who is into everything! Our house is your obstacle course. You open cabinets and drawers and doors. You bang on boxes and our leather ottoman and, sometimes, the glass storm door. You crawl under tables and chairs and occasionally get stuck. You cruise around the house with your push toy and love to ride in the laundry basket. And you are almost never empty-handed — from straws to ribbons to wooden spoons — you have mastered crawling with your hands full.

You squeal when you’re excited (like when we’re playing chase) and yell when you’re frustrated (like when you’re trying to pull apart your plastic rings). You babble and blow raspberries and snort while making the most hilarious “stink face.” Our little comedian.

We’re still working on the concept of patience. And how to remain calm and quiet when things don’t go your way. For example, when you run errands with Mommy, I often give you something to hold — like a box of cupcake liners at Michaels or a t-shirt at Old Navy. However, when it’s time to leave, and I take the item away from you to pay for it, you often scream. No tears. Just one really loud and really long scream.

We’re also still working to improve your comfort level with strangers. We don’t mind that you cling to us when you’re anxious, but we’re trying to encourage you to let go and explore. Interesting, though, that you are quire confident around other babies.

You and Mommy joined a local playgroup, and I love to watch you interact with your peers. You make eye contact and pass toys back and forth and ever so gently pat the tiniest ones.

We also started Kindermusik class this month, and we love it! You are the only boy in a class full of girls, but you don’t mind one bit. During our first class, you crawled right into the center of the circle and onto the drum. You bop your head to the music, clap your hands, and tap your knees. And we’re learning some baby sign language, which I can’t wait to practice with you at home.

In addition to our new weekday activities, we also did quite a bit of weekend traveling this month. We spent a few days in New York City with Uncle Andrew. You visited Central Park, saw the Empire State Building, and ate chocolate chip cookies from Bouchon Bakery.

Next it was off to Florida with Oma and Opa to celebrate the wedding of Daddy’s friends. You crawled across white sand, dipped your toes into the Gulf, and danced with Mommy at the reception. Then you fell asleep in Daddy’s arms, and I think it was his favorite moment of the entire weekend.

Speaking of sleeping, you are still quite a champ in that arena. In fact, you now understand night night. When you’re tired, you grab your pacifier and lay your head on your elephant lovey, and I think it is just the sweetest thing ever. You are sleeping about 12 hours at night and take two naps each day. Your schedule was very disrupted during our trips, but you fell right back into your routine when we returned home. Thank you, buddy!

Also, with all that traveling, we caved and introduced you to Baby Einstein. And guess what? You are so into it! You actually sit and watch intently and even smile at the silly scenes.

You’ve started to play more independently, too. You lift pieces from your puzzle, push beads through the maze, and flip through books.

You still have just two teethers on the bottom, but that doesn’t stop you from eating anything and everything. New favorites this month include honeydew, corn on the cob, scrambled eggs, and fruit smoothies. Yes, you like to steal Mommy’s smoothie and sip it from the big straw.

And you’re so good when we take you out to restaurants. We bring snacks to keep you occupied, and then you sit beside us in your high chair and enjoy bites from both our meals.

You’re still nursing 3 or 4 times per day, though we’re transitioning to just morning, pre-afternoon nap, and before bed.

And because Mommy can’t seem to mop the kitchen floors often enough, I now wash your hands with soap and water before all meals and snacks. And you think it’s hilarious. We sing “scrub scrub scrub” and you smile and squeeze the soap suds between your pudgy little fingers. You’ve also started to brush your teeth with your own banana toothbrush. It’s actually a huge help because it keeps you occupied while I change your diaper, which is much like wrestling match these days.

We moved you into the big boy bathtub this month, and you’re thrilled to have more room to kick and splash. Though we have to tell you to “please sit down” at least six times. Yes, you love to stand — in the water and in the grass, on the couch and on the sliding board. You take our hands and “walk walk walk” around the house, and you are so proud. I wouldn’t be surprised if you take your first independent steps before your 11th month.

Love bug, I look forward to your smiling face every morning and your warm snuggles every night. You make our days busier and happier and lovelier. Hugs and kisses.


9 thoughts on “Letter to Samuel: 10 Months

  1. My goodness he is SO cute. Emma makes that same scrunched up nose stink face, love it! And I may have told you this before, but I love reading your monthly Sam updates because it’s gets me excited for what’s to come!

  2. That “stick face” is the best! Ask Steve about the “skink eye” – very similar just on a smaller scale. Can’t wait to come and visit you guys when things calm down. When is the furry baby arriving??

  3. Wow I didn’t know so many babies make the stink face! Scarlett does too! And she breathes really hard in and out of her nose when she does it…I wonder why they do that! Hahaha!

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