One Sweet Day

Really, every day is sweet with these two in my life.

So how did we celebrate Sammy’s first Valentine’s Day? With lots of treats, of course.

Although it was apples and pears and carrots for the little guy. But he didn’t seem to mind.

We promised to give him double chocolate next year.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our little family to yours!

10 thoughts on “One Sweet Day

  1. That one-sie is so cute!! I was just curious, when did you start Sam on veggies? My daughter Scarlett just turned four months yesterday and I’ve been thinking about when to start her. She has her 4 month baby check-up on Friday so I was going to ask her doctor what she thought. I don’t want to start her too early but she seems so interested in our food when we eat! Did you start him on rice cereal first?

    1. I plan to do a full post on our “culinary kid.” But here are the basics: Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to feed Sam anything and everything he wants to try (with the exception of peanut butter and honey). No rice cereal, and no need to introduce one food at a time. It’s a pretty progressive philosophy, but it’s working for us so far. He especially likes mashed bananas and mashed sweet potatoes and steamed/pureed apples, pears, and carrots. It took his little digestive system about two days to adjust to the solid foods, but he’s doing really well with it now. I offer him “food” three times each day and am continuing to breastfeed six times each day.

      I know not every doctor may recommend this approach, but we’re happy with it! We’re also planning to follow the “baby led weaning” concept ( when he turns six months old.

      Let me know if you have other questions!

      1. Thank you! You’re little one is a cutie pie!
        Thank you so much for your response. I was wondering how her little tummy would handle it. I can’t wait to see her reaction to foods. Do you make all of the food he eats? How much do you offer him at a sitting? I have a few recipe books that I am eager to try out. So glad he’s doing well with it, I hope my little one does too. Her appointment is tomorrow so I’m excited to see what the dr. says!

  2. Sam is really my favorite blog baby! Emily and Nick- you both are glowing with love and happiness and I love reading updates about the sweet culinary family.

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