Nursery Sneak Peek: Fabrics

I never noticed how little gender neutral nursery decor is available until we started the search for Peanut’s room. And it’s not just shades of pink or blue; it’s flowers and butterflies or trains and trucks. Even stripes and polka dots started to take on masculine or feminine qualities in my mind.

And then we discovered Carousel Designs, which allows you to customize your bedding with colors and patterns of your choice. We’re so pleased with what we chose! Take a look:

The sage stripes and subtle orange border look pretty nice with the chocolate finish on the crib, don’t you think?

Here’s another peek:

We decided to keep our queen size guest bed in the nursery because we only have two bedrooms and expect some guests in September. This means that there is just barely enough room for the bed, the crib, the dresser, and the glider. Know how we made it fit? Nick had to remove the closet door. So, naturally, I now have to make a curtain to hang in the doorway. And a set for the windows, too. See fabric samples above.

We’re also planning to incorporate turquoise and yellow into the room. More details to come when we return from our road trip!

10 thoughts on “Nursery Sneak Peek: Fabrics

  1. LOVE the pattern! Super cute! Also last Saturday my hubby and I made your Strawberry Jam recipe…SUPER good! Seriously by the end of the day Sunday we only had about 1/4 jar left from the one we opened that morning! Love it…has inspired me to make some different kinds. Thinking grape jelly next…we shall see!!! Posted pics on my blog You inspired me to do it…I posted pics on my blog…which inspired one of my friends to do peach jam…and the circle continues!! 🙂

  2. Love it! And I have noticed how very gender specific anything to do with babies is – it can be a bit much. You fselected/created some great ‘neutral’ fabrics.

  3. Love to hear that you’re keeping your queen bed in the nursery! I am 10W along, so no real progress has been made in our nursery/only spare bedroom, but we are planning the same thing. I know it will be tight, so I am excited to see your finished room as an example!

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