Secrets from Strangers

Today, while arts festing, Nick and I stopped to take a break in the shade with our big bag of kettle korn. Just as we were getting ready to leave, an elderly couple approached us to take our bench. The gentleman complimented me on my blue eyes and asked us if we “go together.”

“Yes,” we said with big smiles, “We’re getting married next month.”

“Let me tell you a secret,” he said and looked at his wife who also had beautiful blue eyes. “This is my first wife.” We asked how long they’d been married, and they proudly replied, “56 years.”

He then said, “There are four secrets to a happy marriage,” and went on to name three: always say “I’d be glad to,” always say “I’m sorry,” and never let your head hit the pillow if you’re angry. He couldn’t remember the fourth, so instead he told us about their recent cruise vacation.

They had entered a quiz contest with other couples on the cruise — mostly young couples and newlyweds, she added — and the first question was “What size bra does your wife wear?” He got it right. The second question was “Where is the most unusual place you’ve made whoopie?” (Yes, the gentleman in the cardigan sweater whom we had never met used the phrase “made whoopie.”) Of course, their answers matched. And, yes, he told us it was under waterfalls in Trinidad in 1957.

He was definitely the comedian of the couple, but she piped in and said, “I’ve taught him everything he knows. I am the older and wiser one, after all.” Turns out she’s older than him by just a few months, and I said, “Me, too!” We all shared a laugh, and they wished us 56 years of happiness before we went on our way.

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  1. What is the sweetest story I think I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog as I am so happy to have found yours! Can’t wait to hear all about the wedding and your life as a Mrs… it’s pretty much the best 🙂

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