30,000 and Counting

Ruby passed the 30,000 mile mark this week. (Ruby is a term of endearment for my 2004 ruby red Honda Civic.) Good time to reminisce.

The Prizm was on its last leg, but probably could have handled a few more miles. But I was three months out of college and finally had a steady paycheck. The time had come to upgrade to power windows and power locks. So I headed to Honda with the ‘rents. I didn’t even consider other options. I felt like a Honda girl at heart. What’s not to love about that retro “H.”

I test drove both the LX and EX models. The extra kick of the EX engine got me onto the highway quicker, and the sunroof sealed the deal. Dad talked the price down and the perks up. “You gotta throw in the floor mats,” he said. And so just a few hours later, I bid farewell to the Prizm and cruised off the car lot in the Civic. I dubbed her Ruby shortly after.

We’ve had many adventures together since that summer day. NJ and NY and DC. BWI en route to Raleigh and Dulles en route to Cali. Many, many trips across PA.

I thank you, Ruby, for hauling friends and carting groceries and towing boxes. For crossing the slick roads and climbing the mountains. For getting me to the anticipated destinations and past the dreaded ones.

I also have to apologize for a few incidents. I’m sorry for subjecting you to my singing voice and whacking your wheel while sitting in traffic jams. I’m sorry for spilling my coffee and dropping crumbs from my bagel. I’m sorry for the car that reared into your backend on Atherton Street and for the fraternity boy who stripped you of your “H.” I hope that by now you’ve adapted to your new rear and birthmark.

Maybe someday I’ll switch to your hybrid sister or pilot cousin. But right now we’re the perfect fit. Looking forward to our next 30,000 miles.

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