Some Lessons Learned

From Mom:
1. Never go to bed angry.
2. Don’t wear sandals on an airplane.
3. Carry your money in a small sash under your sweater when traveling in foreign places.
4. Calculate how much you’re saving rather than how much you’re spending.
5. Hardwood floors are cozier than carpet.
6. Hot cocoa tastes better with warm milk.
7. How to wrap gifts with bows and ribbons.
8. Welcome new neighbors.
9. Appreciate Martha Stewart.
10. Sit up straight.
11. Never wear white after Labor Day.
12. Always send personal thank you notes.
13. You can fit more into a suitcase if you roll t-shirts and stuff socks into shoes.
14. Fingernails and toenails should always match.

From Dad:
1. How to whistle through a blade of grass.
2. Look it up in the dictionary if you don’t understand it.
3. There’s no rock like classic rock.
4. How to hit the sweet spot of a golf ball and how to drive a golf cart.
5. How to catch snipes.
6. How to get the paint into the corners.
7. How to bake old-fashioned sugar cookies and homemade pizza pies.
8. How to drive a car. And more importantly how to enter traffic.
9. There’s humor to be found in every situation.
10. If it doesn’t immediately reveal itself, ask Mom where to find it.
11. SNL was better in the 70s.
12. Lingering in front of the open refrigerator will not make food appear, but we can still hope.
13. How to eat a raw oyster.
14. How to pour a perfect pint.
15. Never stop fighting.

From Grandma: Everyone has a story to tell.
From Grammy: He should love you a smidge more.

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