Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature: I believe you’re confused. Just five days ago you dumped eight inches of snow in our backyard. We bundled up and pulled... Read more

February in Photos

I give you the second half of our February in photos. {Nana’s glasses and Poppy’s guitars} {dinner party: hearty lasagna and truffle brownies} {#barefootbookclub: tomato... Read more

Photo Catch-Up

Our boy. Behaving like a typical toddler: feeding his puppy from the table, hiding in the corner during storytime, loving the view from the top... Read more

Week 3 in Photos

{Every morning Lucy waits very patiently for Sam to Cheerios and bits of bananas.} {Return of the green drink.} {Ta-da! His current favorite activity.} {He... Read more

Week 2 in Photos

{It didn’t take long for Sam to figure out how to scale the gate that keeps Lucy in the kitchen.} {Apparently it requires both hands... Read more

Week 1 in Photos

Here’s to another year of documenting our days in photos. Follow along on Instagram @emilyjwiley. {Lucy got a new bed, and Sam likes it, too}... Read more

Photo Catch Up

Remember when I used to post our week in photos? Well, I fell off that wagon about two months ago. Which means it’s time to... Read more

Week in Photos

The boy is keeping momma very busy these days. He tries to climb onto everything. He’s quite the acrobat. He often eats more than I... Read more

Weekend in Photos

We’ve had visitors for the past ten days. My parents and sister, followed by my aunt and cousin, then Nick’s sister, aunt, uncle, and grandmother.... Read more