Letter to Nora: Three Months

Dear Nora,

We have reached the magical three-month mark! Though you have always been a pleasant baby, you are now so much more attentive and interactive. Your eyes light up when they make contact with ours, you are constantly smiling and cooing, and you would much rather be sitting or standing in our laps versus laying down and missing all the fun.


You are completely fascinated by your big brother. You sit beside him in your Bumbo and watch intently while he builds towers and constructs race tracks. He tries to open your clenched fists and fill your hands with toys of your own, and you already have a dinosaur and a car that have been designated as “Baby Nor-wah’s.”

In addition to the Bumbo, you are also a big fan of the jumperoo. Your little feet just barely reach the ground, but you still manage to bounce up and down. You love to watch the buttons light up while you try to eat the fabric of the chair.

You have also become quite good at hitting the stuffed toys that hang from your activity mat. And just last week I caught you staring at your hands while you opened and closed them. It’s so amazing to watch you discover the world around you.


Speaking of your hands, they are almost always in your mouth. And you are constantly blowing saliva bubbles and soaking the collars of your shirts. You stick out your tongue and suck in your cheeks and smack your lips together when you’re finished eating. And it’s become nearly impossible to keep socks on your feet because they never stop moving!

Your eyes are still a brilliant shade of blue, and you get compliments on them everywhere we go. Your hair has a slight reddish tint, just like Sam’s did at your age. Also, just like your brother, you have started to lose the hair on the back of your head, revealing a silly little mullet.

Mommy still loves to play dress-up with you and put pretty headbands in your hair. And I was so excited to see you in the green gingham dress that my Aunt Esther made for me to wear when I was three months old. It fits perfectly! And I can’t wait for you to wear it to one of our many upcoming spring celebrations.


This was a big month for you in terms of sleep. We moved you out of our bedroom and into your crib at nine weeks. And for the past week, you have been sleeping through the night. Hooray! I put you down around 9pm, and you sleep until between 5:30 and 7:00 am. You somehow manage to move from the top of your crib to the bottom of it during those 8 hours, and you always greet me with a big grin on your face.

You typically cat nap through the morning (mostly because we are in and out of the car on our way to play dates), and you take a long afternoon nap that perfectly coincides with Sam’s. You take another short nap in the evening after dinner, usually in our arms or in your bouncy seat.

You are eating between 5 and 6 times per day, depending on when you wake up in the morning. You are still content to nurse while we’re out, though I anticipate that soon you will have a hard time focusing. You are such a curious little nugget!


You weighed just about 11 pounds when I took you for your shots 2 weeks ago. You are a peanut! But the doctor did not seem to be bothered by your size. Especially because you showed her just how strong you are by rolling over from your tummy to your back for the very first time!


You and Mommy spent a weekend in Dover this month, and you were a fantastic traveler! You slept for the entire 3 1/2 hours, both there and back. We certainly missed Daddy and Sammy, but it was nice to have some quality time with Nini and Auntie Laura. Sam insisted that we FaceTime several times per day while we were gone, and he pretended to hold your hand through the phone screen. He just adores you! In fact, just last week I heard him say “I yuv Baby Nor-wah with my whole heart.” You are so lucky to have each other!


These past three months with you have been so wonderful. But I would appreciate if time would slow down just a bit! I anticipate each new milestone, but when we reach it, I think “wow, how are we here already?”

I love you, baby girl!


2 thoughts on “Letter to Nora: Three Months

  1. Wow – three months already?! Incredible. You sound like you are nailing the whole mama of two thing. I think 3 months was when I was really starting to go out of my mind with Caleb (though he has only become a good sleeper recently)! Great work 🙂

  2. You are so blessed with these two precious babies! I always love reading your updates and seeing your new pics of these two cuties!

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