40 Weeks

I always suspected Nora would arrive before her due date. Just as I predicted Sam would arrive after his. I also always felt as though I was carrying “more baby” this time. Despite having gained almost exactly the same amount of weight, Nora was nearly two pounds bigger than Sam at birth! Call it mother’s intuition.



We were home from the hospital with our healthy baby girl two days before I hit the 40-week mark. It still astonishes me how the female body can endure such change in such a short amount of time.



I’m fortunate that I had a very easy pregnancy. But it’s still so much more fun now that Nora is on the outside!


2 thoughts on “40 Weeks

  1. It IS astonishing what happens to the female in a short amount of time. It still blows my mind that all those changes result in a real live baby! You both look fantastic at 40 weeks 🙂

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