Our “Modest” Christmas Tree

We agreed this year to get a “modest” Christmas tree. And yet, somehow, we still ended up with a 7-footer.





And did I mention that we braved snow and 20-degree temperatures to find the perfect one? It took at least twice as long to drive to the tree farm, and we had to enlist help from a stranger when the minivan got stuck in the parking lot. Speaking of the minivan (that, yes, I do love so much), it couldn’t get up our very steep and unsalted driveway. And so Nick had to hoist the tree onto his back and carry it up to the house.

Oh, the things we do in the name of Christmas.


At least we managed to keep the decorations simple: gold shatter-proof balls; a few significant, but not fragile, ornaments; and, usually, a safety gate to keep Lucy from drinking the water.


I just love the warm glow of a Christmas tree, don’t you?

3 thoughts on “Our “Modest” Christmas Tree

  1. What a great story and one I’m sure you will talk about for years to come! Your tree looks beautiful! I’m with you, there’s nothing like the glow of a Christmas tree this time of year. Also I love your living room curtains!

  2. Pretty! I totally need shatter-proof balls! Scarlett has already broken one…she’s pretty good about not touching the tree though. I’m totally jealous of your tree hunting experience! We always get ours at Home Depot…no tree farms around here 🙁

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