Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss + Free Printables

Our basement playroom is still a work in progress. But, in honor, of Dr. Seuss’ birthday tomorrow, I want to give you a sneak peek. I created three printables to hang above Sam’s new magnetic chalkboard, and I have included links to download them at the bottom of the post!

dr seuss quotes

I chose my three favorite quotes from about a dozen I found through a Google search. I think they’re all very appropriate for a playroom. I used a dark gray background (to coordinate with our couch), simple white letters, and white frames with mats. I had the quotes printed on 8.5×11 standard paper from Staples, which cost less than $1.50 total.


We still need to add a white frame to the chalkboard and center the quotes above it. But Sam likes it so far!

magnetic chalkboard wall

Let me know if you would like to customize the prints, and I’d be happy to change the colors. Enjoy!


25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss + Free Printables

  1. Your playroom is looking great! Where did you find those magnets? They look like a good size for toddler hands. My son loves magnets, but the standard alphabet ones are small enough that I worry about him putting them in his mouth.

  2. Love these printables! what program did you use to make them? I’m trying to make something similar and having a hard time.

  3. Hi! Love the ideas on here. Already made our magnetic chalkboard wall and am excited to use the customized prints in my son’s room! Are you willing to share the prints with the original red, green and blue colors? Thank you!

  4. Can you please send them to me in red, yellow and blue? You sent them before but I might have accidentally deleted my email.

    Thank you!!!!

  5. Hi,
    These are awesome! Any chance you can send me them on a navy background? I would love to use them in my soon-to-be son’s nursery. Thank you!

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