6 thoughts on “Toddler Gift Ideas

  1. Ok, if you’re looking 6 months out…lots of things that say 3+. Matchbox cars (or really ANY trucks, but he likes parts that move), Little People zoo, Play dough, books (finally!), balls, his “bike” (ride-on), instruments (shake eggs, bells, wood blocks, etc), bean bags and things to throw them into…um…lots of non-toys.

  2. Great gift ideas! The little people airplane looks so fun! Blaire has the First 100 Animals book (same concept as First 100 words) and loves it. We love the blocks too.

    Blaire is obsessed with her wagon these days and books are still her hands down favorite. (I’ve been known to hide certain books for a few days at a time because I just can’t read them ONE MORE TIME.) I’m sure you understand!

    Blaire’s getting a slide for the yard and a Radio Flyer 4-in-1 trike as her “big” Christmas gifts this year.

  3. Love all of these! This year, Sammy is getting the standard PB anywhere chair (which apparently no kid can be without), a bunch of Melissa and Doug toys – a tool kit, stacking construction vehicles and a magnetic truck game / puzzle thing, some books, and one of those wooden stringing sets.

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