Meet Lucy

We brought home our second baby on Saturday. A four-pound ball of soft blonde fur. Faint patches under her eyes. Paws that she hasn’t yet grown into. A super sweet demeanor. Meet Lucy!

The drive home from Littlestown was mostly uneventful. Poor girl got sick about five minutes into our trip, but then curled up in her box next to Nick.

Occasionally she jumped out and into Nick’s lap to look out the window. And Sam could not take his eyes off her.

We stopped for our first break after about two hours. I snacked with Sam in the front seat while Nick tended to Lucy in the back.

And then Nick took the driver’s seat because I felt it was my turn to bond with our new little girl. But, wow, did I have my hands full. Sam wanted me to focus all of my attention on him and did not want that wet puppy nose anywhere nearby.

So we stopped again for a second snack/sanity break.

Four hours later, we were home. And the first 20 minutes were total chaos. Lucy pooped on the rug twice. Sam dumped his puffs all over the kitchen floor. There was a lot of yelling from our first born and licks and little nibbles from our fourth family member. But eventually we all settled down. We ordered pizzas and popped open a few beers and got to know one another.

It was a wild and wonderful weekend. More to come!

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