Week 38


Best Moments: All of the essential items have been checked off our to do list. The clothes are washed. The diapers are stacked. Our suitcase is packed. The car seat is sitting by the front door. And now we relax. And wait.

Symptoms: Well, I finally understand what women mean when they say they’re “ready.” I have felt ready since about 38 weeks and 5 days. Something changed at that point. There’s more cramping. There’s more discomfort — especially when sitting. Also, insomnia. Both Nick and I have it. I think we’re just too excited to sleep. Or perhaps our bodies are preparing us for the sleepless nights we’re sure to experience when Peanut arrives. For so many reasons, I’m ready to trade in this belly for our sweet baby!

Cravings: Mad Men. We finished the first season in five days. We can’t get enough. I’m just glad we didn’t start it until we checked off everything on our to do list.

What I Miss: Pants that fit. It’s all jersey dresses and skirts and yoga pants this week. Also, and more importantly, I’m going to miss my colleagues. Friday was my last day in the office, and I may have shed a few tears as I drove away. See, I plan to take eight weeks maternity leave and then return just 10-15 hours from home (thankful for the writing and editing I can do remotely). I will certainly miss the daily interactions with my friends, but I am also 100% confident that this is the right decision for our family.

What I Can’t Wait For: For the rain to stop so we can start walking again.

Milestones: Doc says I’m 80% effaced and 1.5 cm dilated. Not sure if you wanted to hear that, but it’s worth documenting. Come on, Peanut, we’re ready for you!


Best Moments: We went on a date to the movies. And we shared a large popcorn and large soda because it was only 90 cents more than the medium combo. Needless to say, I got a stomach ache because I tried to eat too much of that buttery deliciousness … but it was sooo good.

Symptoms: Between the anticipation of Peanut’s arrival and the rat race of trying to get everything with work in order, I can’t sleep. Fortunately, my employer has a very generous six-week paternity leave policy. I’m hoping there’ll be at least one restful night in there.

Cravings: I may be the cart pusher when we go grocery shopping, but Emily is definitely the meal planner in our house. But I think she’s on a hiatus — and for good reason. I have tried to step up to the plate, but I have failed … on Friday when I worked from home, my lunch consisted of sauerkraut, pickles, a PB&J, and chocolate chip cookies. Good heavens, I sound like pregnant one.

What I Can’t Wait For: Every night feels like the night before Christmas! It’s hard to sleep with the anticipation of whether or not Peanut will arrive the next day — or in the middle of the night.

3 thoughts on “Week 38

  1. Emily, you look fantastic! I can’t wait to hear about Peanut’s arrival and I’m hoping for your sake it’s sooner than later 🙂

  2. Emily, clearly you have too much time to blog with all these posts over the past few days. Make sure you pack the 10 things to NOT say in the delivery room for Nick. Nick, you have 1 final training session, the ride to the hospital. Your job is to get your new family to the hospital in a same and timely manner, during the ride there will be distractions, just ignore the contractions and stay focused on the road, hum a happy tune. Don’t let the contractions be a distraction! On the way home you’ll be challenged again but with the new training you should be prepared to handle the cry of the new born babe. The Cryin can be Tryin but the road is what you should be Eyein! Get sleep on Saturday night, you’ll be going to the hospital Sunday night and will be up all night until the delivery on Monday (see my post on my prediction).

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